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Play Video Poker online

Video Poker was introduced in the casino world in the 70s and is today one of the most popular gambling games. For the player who likes knowledge games, low advantage to the house, the ability to win big with the anonymity of playing alone against the machine, there is no other game that can compete with video poker. The rules of video poker are very simple, you play with 1 to 5 coins, the machine gives you five cards, you choose which ones you want to keep and which you want to throw, and the machine replaces your folded cards with new and pays you earnings on your card combination .

Best Video Poker Casino

Best UK casinos for Video Poker players

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Bet365 Casino Bet365 Casino £150 Bonus on Signup
Bet365 Casino

Here is our review of Bet365 Casino, the new and exciting online casino from the reputable UK operator Bet365

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William Hill Casino William Hill Casino £150 Bonus on Signup
William Hill Casino

Here is our review of William Hill Casino, the new and exciting online casino from the reputable UK operator William Hill

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How to play Video Poker

  • Always play the maximum number of coins. We’ve never seen a Video Poker machine that does not offer a bonus of the highest hand on max coins bet. If you do not want to play with max coins bet then choose to play with fewer coins.
  • The cards are chosen randomly and the game is fair. There is nothing that you can do to influence the machine to play in a certain way. Do not be fooled by the ”pull tabs” that are not real in video poker games.
  • A Royal Flush can come at any time and the machine will not be able to choose when to issue a Royal Flush. There are theories that say that a machine will be tight (do not give much) before a royal flush will come but this is unfortunately not true. A Royal Flush can come twice in a row also and then after 1 million hands, according to chance.
  • Some games offer a Double up feature. This and the odds in craps, are the only bets that you can play on where the house has no advantage. If you double your win or not depends on how you choose to play. If you want to play with low risks, you should not double. If you play with high risks, you double your winnings when you can maximize your profits much faster.