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Play Slots Online

All Slots online are based on software that has to pay out a fixed and regulated percent of the wagers back to the players. Reputable UK online casinos will offer slots with games that pay out between 97-98% of the bets made. We recommend and list the games and the UK casinos that have the best online slots and where you have the best chance to win record jackpots.

Best Slot Casino

We list the best UK online casinos with the best slot machines with progressive jackpots. We will present the always new games launched by UK online casinos and always recommend the highest bonuses.

Best UK Casinos for Slots players

Gala Casino Gala Casino £200 Bonus on Signup
Gala Casino

Here is our review of Gala Casino, the new and exciting online casino from the reputable UK operator Gala Coral

Visit Gala Casino
Bet365 Casino Bet365 Casino £150 Bonus on Signup
Bet365 Casino

Here is our review of Bet365 Casino, the new and exciting online casino from the reputable UK operator Bet365

Visit Bet365 Casino
William Hill Casino William Hill Casino £150 Bonus on Signup
William Hill Casino

Here is our review of William Hill Casino, the new and exciting online casino from the reputable UK operator William Hill

Visit William Hill Casino

Video Slots

Video slots is one of the most popular online casino game types. There are an enormous number of variations, with different themes and the chance to win big. These are some of the reasons why online gamblers prefer online video slots. Many UK online casinos offer a wide selection of different video slots. Everything from slots with three wheels for beginners to more advanced with up to 5 reels., Offering unique bonus rounds and progressive jackpots.

Online Video Slots can be played with different currencies and is now also available directly in the browser without having to download anything to your computer. For players who want to play video slots, it’s worth to think about where you get the best casino bonus as a new player.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive slots is usually a group of many slot machines connected to one another through a network. The biggest progressive jackpot is built up by the casino takeing a small part of the wagers and add them in the progressive jackpot. Not all progressive online games are the same. There are three types of progressive slot games that we present below.

Stand alone progressive slots

The stand alone progressive slot machine is not connected to any other slot machines. Instead of having a predetermined jackpot the machine takes is a small percentage of all wagers and build on such a peak gain. The single slot machine has a jackpot counter that is shown clearly. This type of slot machine usually pay out large jackpots, but the sum is never the same. The progressive jackpots are much lower than the progressive slot machines that are connected in a larger network.

Network connected progressive slots

There are networks of connected progressive slot games that are owned and operated by an online casino. These can be connected to the slot machines in a casino or affiliated with several online casinos. Jackpots are usually not of huge variation but in some online casinos to be very large, up to several million. These jackpots are paying out more than those offered by traditional gambling operators.

These progressive jackpots are guaranteed to change your life if you win one. A good example of online progressive slot jackpots are the ones managed by network operators such as Playtech and Microgaming. Their jackpots are so extremely high that they tend to reach around 4 million pound.